This Fills My Heart

This fills my heart!

A few months ago I worked my way up the Oregon coast by myself after a lovely visit with my son in Corvallis (OSU). I found hidden beaches, out of the way cafes and stayed in ocean-side B&B's. In Cannon Beach, I found myself sipping wine around a firepit with some other folks, including another woman who was also on her own (you may remember this bit of the story). She and I struck up a conversation and ended up eating dinner together huddled under the outdoor eves during a sudden torrential rain storm.

Fast forward 3 months and she reached out telling me she had no idea that I was an artist, other than my passing comment about volunteering to teach art to kids, until she found my website (we touched every other topic!). When she showed her teenage daughter my work, her daughter fell in love with it and decided to completely redecorate her room using 6 of my prints as her inspiration and focal point. I am so humbled, honored and excited that my work spoke to this young woman!

As I package up the prints, I'm wrapping in my wishes for her: Courage to become whoever she wants to become, Belief in Herself that nothing is out of reach, Wisdom to follow paths that bring her joy instead of the paths others think she should follow.

Here are some of her prints, from my Wild Hair Collection