When Artwork Finds It's Way Home


I love when my artwork ends up where it is supposed to be...

I painted 'Madrona Out My Window' in honor of all of the Madrona trees on my parent's property. (And yes, Madrona is how we spell and pronounce it up in the Pacific NW - all of you in California call it Madrone and those of you in Canada call it Arbutus!) When my Mom saw the painting on-line at the start of my show, she immediately told me she wanted to buy it. However, she's my Mom (!!) so I wouldn't let her buy it until after the painting had a chance to hang in the gallery show - it was an anchor on my abstract wall.

The Gallery show is now over, and I was able to bring Madrona Out My Window to it's new home... and where it was meant to be all along.

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