Eye For Color

Interchangeable Templates & Color Wheel System

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- 2 large color wheels with 24 saturated and pastel color families
- 6 templates with 9 distinct color harmonies
- 12 pages of colorful inspirations
- Innovative snap-together system
- Convenient travel pocket folder
- Expandable with the Eye For Color Earth Colorwheel Sets

No matter your expertise, the Eye For Color system will help you explore new color combinations and enhance those you already know and love. This easy-to-use tool allows you to isolate color relationships with two beautiful color wheels and six snap-together interchangeable templates.

Use these tools to visualize a wide range of tones that blend beautifully together, and isolate the accents that will jazz up your palette. Get inspired by the gorgeous color vignettes inside, then apply these color combinations to your own projects. Eye For Color makes a great home and studio companion for bead artists, home decorators, interior designers, gardeners and anyone who enjoys working with color! The Eye For Color system is a tool you will use over and over again to develop and enhance your own... Eye For Color.

Ok, so this will probably not be far from me wherever I go....studio, shopping, etc. By far, this is the best tool for any artist to have in the box. On those days when I feel “stuck” for color inspiration....this is where you will find me!
— Prairie Sky, Kansas
I am already planning my spring wall painting and I have happily found some interesting color combinations to use throughout the house. I plan to use this wheel for everything that I need to color or wear.
— Mary, Indiana
As an artist, I’m familiar with color wheels....NEVER have I come upon one so easy to use and for so many potential proposes! From beading, painting, decorating or ideas for accessorizing my wardrobe...endless ways to use the wheels. I started with the basics and ended up buying all of the wheels.
— Suzi, Washington

Buy the Original Eye For Color System $24 - 2 color wheels

Or Expand your Color Wheels with the Eye For Color Family $54 - original 2 color wheels, plus 2 cool earthtone and 2 warm earthtone color wheels

Learn how to use Eye For Color in this video I created for you:


Eye For Color Family

Expanded Color Wheels so you can dive into all colors!


The Eye For Color System with even more color wheels!


Journey beyond the original Eye For Color palettes of pure color into a world of exotic and timeless hues that add nuance and richness to everything around you. From a sierra ochre to a spicy paprika, or a cool muslin to a dusky denim, a spin around each wheel evokes the warm or cool colors you live with... stone and wood, flora and fauna, fibers and spice, water and sky.

The Eye For Color Family includes:

- Everything from the Eye For Color System plus:
   - 2 Warm Earthtone Color Wheels (light and dark)
   - 2 Cool Earthtone Color Wheels (light and dark)


Cool Earthtones

Capture how a northern exposure throws cool blue light into a room, and see how a heathered sage table plays against a dusty purple wall. The greyed undertones in the Cool Earthtone Color Wheel Set will inspire you with a whole new set of colors!


Warm Earthtones

Explore the transition from a deep, cozy mustard in your entry hall, to a soft, sun-drenched terracotta in the kitchen. Visualize how a woodsy Cabernet velvet brings a bit more spice to your fruit-wood floors. You'll see it in the Warm Earthtone Color Wheel set!

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Amazing color wheel! Absolutely beautiful and clear color, love the templates for the different color combinations and the explanations are simple yet thorough. The packaging is quite clever, also. I totally love this color wheel and understand why it was suggested to me. The price is TOTALLY worth it. Thank you!
— Jacqui, Washington