on Retreats:

All we can say is, thank you, thank you, thank you! It was an amazing week of wonderful instruction, fabulous food, perfect location, lots of laughs ... what more could anyone have possibly wished for? I pity all those who could not attend; they missed a wonderful time with you.
— Leigh, Florida

I just wanted to thank you for being such a gracious host and fabulous teacher. Your beach home is lovely, the food was yummy, and the classes inspiring. I so enjoyed being there!
— Marlene, Alaska

I just want to drop you a line and tell you how much I enjoyed your Autumn Retreat, such a special time to be around so many creative people. I have your classroom photo up on my screen saver, so I get to relive this fun time a number of times during the day and have told my girlfriends all about each project and the wonderful healthy menu that you served each day.

The time that you gave me is entered in my Journal of Life Time Memories.
— Barbara, California

You have enriched my life beyond beads and colors! I know that every detail of this weekend will stay in my memory and put a smile on my face!
— Serene, Washington

If you haven’t done it - I HIGHLY recommend you Sign Up for this retreat! I SO enjoyed it this summer. Beverly’s teaching, color lessons and beautiful samples are vibrant and so inspirational. And her amazing food and cozy island studio makes getting creative that much more special! Think of the gifts you can make for yourself or a friend!
— Joanne, Seattle Washington

on Books:

I am blown away [by Artful Color In Nuno Felt]! More projects than any other nuno book, and such a colorful path through them all! The instructions are simple and direct and of course the photos are wonderful! So helpful to see the color wheel inspiration for each piece. Really beautiful book!
— Arlene, Alaska

Artful Color in Nuno Felt is like a glorious box of chocolates, open any page and and enjoy the delights it offers.
— Genielle, Australia

I am already planning my spring wall painting and I have happily found some interesting color combinations to use throughout the house. I plan to use this wheel for everything that I need to color or wear.
— Mary, Indiana

As an artist, I’m familiar with color wheels....NEVER have I come upon one so easy to use and for so many potential proposes! From beading, painting, decorating or ideas for accessorizing my wardrobe...endless ways to use the wheels. I started with the basics and ended up buying all of the wheels.
— Suzi, Washington

Ok, so this [Eye For Color Family] will probably not be far from me wherever I go....studio, shopping, etc. By far, this is the best tool for any artist to have in the box. On those days when I feel “stuck” for color inspiration....this is where you will find me!
— Prairie Sky, Kansas

Amazing color wheel! Absolutely beautiful and clear color, love the templates for the different color combinations and the explanations are simple yet thorough. The packaging is quite clever, also. I totally love this color wheel and understand why it was suggested to me. The price is TOTALLY worth it. Thank you!
— Jacqui, Washington

“Artful Color in Nuno Felt” arrived today and it is breathtakingly beautiful. The colors are so warm and captivating to the eye. And your creativity is mind blowing. The words are succinct and precise, and your layout is superb.
— Carolyn, Washington

Received my Eye for Color set yesterday and just took time to open with a cup of tea at my side!
LOVE IT! Your carefully crafted color wheels and descriptions give words to help explain what I do as a fiber artist! Love the four cool and warm earth tones... And the expanded complimentary wheel template is brilliant, now I don’t have to keep shifting my “other” color wheels to be able to see all the colors I’m wanting to include!
— Marijo, Oregon

on Workshops:

What a wonderful experience it was to take your Garden Jacket class. I’ve worn mine three times already an have had numerous compliments!
— Sylvia, Colorado

Thanks so much for a wonderful inspirational class—-I love the garden jacket you helped me to create! So glad I bought your book too. I already have tried another jacket with the extended flap and I love it as well! I truly love your felting and color style Beverly.
— Kristi, Colorado

What a wonderful experience it was to take your Garden Jacket class. I’ve worn mine 3 times already an have had numerous compliments! I can’t wait to make 2 more
— Sylvia, Colorado

on Artwork:

Your painting represents exactly the feeling and look of my soul. A light twirling with complete joy and grace.
— Sahara, California

This is a beautiful, moody piece! She has such a nice eye to detail. Lovely, crisp colors that are drop-dead gorgeous. And I loved working with Beverly. I had it framed locally and it is just stunning overall. Shipping was prompt and it arrived without incident. I couldn’t be a happier customer!
— Carol, Maryland

As always, I am delighted with anything that comes from Beverly, whether it is beads, books, paintings and above all kindness. Thank you Beverly!
— Margriet, Colorado

What’s not to like!?...the colors....the two sided option...the creative ways it can be worn...in and of itself it makes a wonderfully colorful wall hanging...such versatility!!! and it is one of a kind made by Beverly Ash Gilbert!!!
— Pam, Washington

Beverly’s exhibit stole my heart. I’m repeatedly fascinated by the color combinations she comes up with in her work. She, by far, had the most effect in me discovering my love for art and colors.
— Shanika, Washington