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Welcome to My Colorful Home

I invite you to tap into the power of color and unleash your creativity - Because you deserve a colorful, vibrant and creative life!

All colors are welcome in my world. I've been filling my home (virtual and real) with color for over 15 years and there is so much to see. Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Then come along and take a tour with me:

Here's what I've made for you


I'm surrounded by piles of books, bins dripping with paint, tuffs of fiber in every color I can find, bouquets of flowers, vignettes of found objects, bowls of sea glass – their colors dancing with possibility. I draw inspiration from these bits and pieces, and can hardly wait to dive in to my next composition where I can use the unexpected pops of color, texture and movement. 

I believe we find joy when we allow ourselves to see beyond the ordinary, when we stretch and grow by pushing past our comfort zones, when we let go of preconceptions, of perfectionism, comparison and external approval. Pure joy comes when we dance with color and create what is in our heart.

Here is color and joy from my heart to yours...


Paintings, Wearable Art, Prints and more – all available in my Shop.


I've created a library of colorful books to guide and inspire you along your creative path.


Immerse in your favorite medium, from 1-day Workshops to multi-day Retreats and beyond.

See My Artwork In Person


Where To Find My Artwork

Here's where some of my artwork will be in the coming months - and if you know of a great space that's crying out for colorful art, email Team Beverly:

Color Inspiration is Everywhere


Slowing down and observing detail, I find color inspiration everywhere! In the light that glows through the petal of a rose, in the multitude of greens in a cluster of leaves, in old rust and peeling paint. All it takes is looking closely, breathing in the moment–being mindful. Of course, my camera goes everywhere with me so I can capture these little moments, these delicious bits of inspiration, and store them up for later. When my muse hits, I reach into my library of inspiration to create dynamic color palettes that I can incorporate into my art. Want to join me on a colorful journey? Get my newsletter (quick form below) and join my monthly color challenge.

Want more inspiration?

Take a peek at the colorful palettes in my eBook Artful Color For Creative Projects:

A world of color awaits you on each page, with luscious photography, expansive color palettes and inspirational works of art. I've designed it to help you add depth and movement into your own artwork... no matter the medium.