Dip Into Color

Practical color theory made easy

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Do you love color? Yearn to use it in new and different ways? Then come along and dip your fingers into the world of color with a copy of Dip Into Color

We will journey together from inspiration through the various iterations of creating a personal color palette. Along the way we will learn the basic language of color in easy-to-visualize steps and understand the importance of color attributes, such as 'value', 'undertones' and 'transitions', when pulling colors together.

Take a peek inside...

Color is the essence of art...

We all see, and respond, to color differently...

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Understanding the basic attributes of color can help us enhance our favorite color palettes and push us to go beyond the ones we always fall back on...

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With the right tools and knowledge, we can go from inspiration to creating our own gorgeous color palettes!


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This eBook has truly surprised me! I knew it would be interesting because of Beverly’s previous work, but I had no idea it would be so rich. It complements Beaded Colorways beautifully, but more than that it is the PERFECT companion book for the exquisite color wheel system, Eye For Color. If only I had this information at my fingertips years ago, my beady color life would have been so much less complicated.
— Linda Thompson-Mills