Artful Color for Creative Projects - eBook

Inspirational Color Palettes for Jewelry, Fiber and Mixed-Media Artists

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Dive into a world of color with luscious photography, expansive color palettes and inspirational works of art. Artful Color for Creative Projects will not only inspire you with color, and give you numerous new color palettes to play with, it will also teach you how to add depth and movement into your own artwork... no matter the medium.

Available as pdf eBook

*Print-On-Demand (POD) edition available soon!


Seeing color come together in a composition feeds us with the desire to keep creating and inspires us to dip our fingers into new mediums


Draw inspiration from:

- 157 pages filled with color
- 60 unique color palettes
- Palettes that go beyond the 5-6 dominant colors found in most color generators
- Inspiration photography, rich with detail and color
- Over 75 completed works of colorful art
- Color wheel relationships to broaden each palette
- Tips on how to pull colors together in a composition
- Artful jewelry, fiber, painted and mixed media examples
- Step-by-step guide on creating your own color palettes

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Beverly Ash Gilbert not only has a way with color, she has a way with words. Her amazingly beautiful, breathtaking photographs are repainted with her words, so much so that if I closed my eyes I could see what she was describing...

Her explanations of color, hue, tone, color choice based on color theory are easily understood and able to be applied immediately in whatever project one is involved.
— Carol Tripp, Owner Creative Castle, California
Color is an art in and of itself. The ability to bring color to life by mixing palettes is truly a special gift. Beverly Ash Gilbert is one of the premier artists in the bead world known for her talented color inspirations. She has an ability to create eye-catching pieces just by choosing a palette of perfection.

If inspiration helps you to create, then this book is a must. Every palette is breathtaking.
— Amy Katz, Virginia