Show: She Brought Flowers To The Party


You’ve heard of artists reusing canvases, right? Yup - it’s true.

I often paint over previous paintings, ones that didn’t quite work out, ones that I overworked and the spirit of the painting was lost, but I was still too attached to let go of at the time. So, I set them aside, leaning up against a wall in my studio or in the back of the closet, knowing that in time, I won’t care if the image I once tried to coax out is gone. I wait for new inspiration, and the final release of emotions tied to what was, in preparation for what has yet to come.

Of course, the more layers, the more intrigue and when this lady came knocking, I knew it was time.

‘She Brought Flowers To The Party’ has 2 other paintings underneath and if you look closely you might see them. This shapely elegant, but slightly self-conscious girl called to me - it just took a while, and quite a few layers, to find her.

She Brought Flowers To The Party will be available in my show: ‘It’s A Colorful Life’ at Parklane Gallery, Kirkland WA August 6 - September 1, 2019

Dancing With Fireflies

Dancing With Fireflies

In honor of my upcoming Feature Show at Parklane Gallery, I am offering 40% off of a limited number of new prints - one revealed each day before my show which begins August 6.