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Featured Artist Show:

August 5 - September 1, 2019

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Your Purchase is Helping Feed At-Risk Kids

I know you care about making the world a better place too!

When we wear our art (and heart) on our sleeves, we begin to heighten our sense of joy and our desire to spread that joy. So with each Original Artwork purchase during my Feature Show, I will donate a portion of the proceeds to No Kid Hungry. It will be my honor to help bring food to children in need with your artful purchase.
Thank you for carrying it forward...

No Kid Hungry is dedicated to providing food for the more than 3 million children who live in ‘food insecure’ homes due to extreme poverty in the United States. You can read more about their program HERE.


1. How is shipping arranged?

If you purchase on-line through my website, please enter FREESHIPPING during checkout so my website doesn’t charge you shipping. Because Parklane Gallery will be receiving a commission from me, they will handle all shipments. Once you purchase a painting, call Parklane Gallery at (425) 827-1462 to give them your shipping address and credit card number – they will call you back once they calculate the shipping costs.

2. What if someone else purchases the painting I want before I finish checking out?

I am so very sorry, however, there is nothing I can do to prevent this from happening. This is truly first-come, first-served and being in your cart does not reserve it.

Please note: in the unlikely event more than one person tries to purchase the same painting at the same time, the sale will always go to the person who is in the gallery!

3. how do I purchase a painting through Parklane Gallery?

All artwork will be available on-line, in-store or via phone (425) 827-1462 at:

Parklane Gallery in Kirkland WA between August 6 and September 1, 2019

4. I see you will be donating to No Kid Hungry, why did you choose this charity?

When I taught art in the elementary schools in my area, I looked into the eyes of kids whose parents couldn’t afford to feed them 3 solid meals a day. These kids, and parents, rely on the free-lunch program at their school for breakfast and lunch. However, during the holidays and on weekends, these beautiful, amazing, creative kids don’t get enough to eat. No Kid Hungry steps into this void to help feed them. And together I know we can make a difference!