Early Morning in the Garden: Following My Muse


Early Morning in the Garden: Following My Muse

(From my Writing-With-Coffee Journal)

It’s early, and the birds are singing outside my window. I’ve turned on the fountain in our courtyard and flung open the doors and windows to absorb the sounds and smells of morning. The air is cool, so I’m wrapped up in layers but the sun is piercing through the lacy leaves of our Japanese maple and promises a hot day. Every now and then, a whiff of lilac floats past, the purple, pink, white, blue and burgundy flowers from twelve different varieties in our garden blend their perfumes into the quintessential scent of Spring.

The shy cat who lives somewhere down the street makes his way along brick paths through our garden, stepping over fallen camellia blossoms and cool moss, and finds a golden patch of sunshine to stop and clean his silky black coat. My own cat is still curled up in my son’s arms. They will miss the magic of this spring morning and I’ll be well into my second cup of coffee before they wander downstairs.


Morning is my Muse. My time for reflection and inspiration, when ideas flow free of my inner critic. As the day opens up like a flower blossom and the sun rises, I feel my creativity bubbling over, my fingers itching to paint, write, bead or felt. I accomplish more in the first few hours of each day, than I do in all the rest.

And so I treasure these early hours, being mindful of how the light, sounds and fresh air bring me joy. I toss away deadlines and to-do lists and ‘shoulds’ - I’ll tackle them in the afternoon. For now, I allow my Muse to take me on a journey.

I’d love to hear from you! In the comments below, tell me:

  • Are you more of an Early Bird or a Night Owl?

  • When does your Creative Muse come alive?

Remember - you deserve a Colorful, Vibrant and Creative Life!