Color Overwhelm? How to narrow down your choices


Color, Color Everywhere: Which ones to use?

Do you have the same problem I do? With so many beautiful color choices it is sometimes hard to narrow down the ones you want to use for your project. A common problem for us color-lovers!

This is why I take lots and lots of photos of everyday scenes and use the colors in those photos, as well as the traditional color harmony templates in Eye For Color, to help me visualize colors that go well together.

I share some of my favorite photos with you in my Artful Color books (Artful Color for Creative Projects and Artful Color in Nuno Felt) and present you with color palettes that you can use in your own work. However, one reader asked how I choose which color template to use. Listen in while I share tips:

Echo Alert: While you watch - please pardon the echo. My amazing hubby just finished laying terracotta tile in my studio and it’s gorgeous, however wowzer, does it reflect sound! Rugs are on my to-do list, so fingers crossed next time I won’t sound like I’m in a pickle jar!

I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

  1. Are there 2 colors you want to work with?

  2. Which color harmony templates show both of those colors? (If you don’t have EFC, then let us know and we will figure it out for you!)

  3. What project are you going to create with these colors?

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I invite you to tap into the power of color and unleash your creativity because YOU deserve a colorful, vibrant and creative life!



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