Dressing for Me!

Dressing up in joy

Dressing up for me! I used to wear this skirt, and other colorful ones, when I taught at the Bead & Button and Art & Soul and other fun venues years ago. But now that I spend most of my time by myself in my studio or in front of the computer, I’ve been sloppy, un-colorful and wasn’t paying attention to how I looked. Thanks Wear-Your-Joy eCourse, and a closet clean-up, for the nudge to dress up, if even just for myself! Today I’m feeling as colorful as the book I’m writing!

Someone asked if I could see, or feel, any difference in my work by dressing up (just to spend time alone in the studio).

Of course I don’t have any empirical data… but feel any different? Absolutely! And I’ll extrapolate by saying that anything that makes us feel better about ourselves will allow us to feel lighter, more optimistic and perhaps better able to embrace, and nurture our vulnerabilities. I’m sure that translates into better writing and painting!

In any event, I’m writing up a storm and whether that is due to my dressing up, or a looming deadline, I’ll embrace it… and keep dressing up for myself!