I will be Mindful

Celebrate your Beauty

I will be Mindful of myself, my needs, my vulnerabilities. I will talk gently to myself. I will use words of kindness. I will smile at myself in the mirror every morning and every evening and let the warmth of my smile radiate through my body. I will use words that uplift, empower, support and nurture.

I will be Mindful of my body, what I put in it, how I treat it. I will breathe deep and feel my breath reach my fingers and toes. I will stand tall with my shoulders back. I will get exercise every day. I will learn Tai Chi. I will drink more water.

I will be Mindful of the world around me. I will look closely, observe detail, appreciate nature’s colors and shadows and lights. I will listen closely to the wind, to birdsong, to lapping waves. I will hug trees and sit on moss-covered rocks, walk on sand with bare feet, and raise my face to both sun and moon.

I will be Mindful of my creative process and be gentle with myself during the lows, and allow myself to soak up, and fill my soul during the highs. I will accept both complements and criticism with grace, and not take indifference personally.

I will be Mindful of how I spend my time. I will focus on projects, rather than tasks. I will be gentle with myself and pace myself. I will tamp down my tendency to procrastinate, and my tendency to over-commit. I will say no when I am overwhelmed. I will allow myself to fill my time, and I will allow myself to spend time doing nothing. I will schedule in ‘down time’ on my calendar.

I will be Mindful that people are my priority, and place family and friends before work, tasks and projects. I will say yes to cups of tea, glasses of wine, walks on the beach and one-on-one time with people who are dear to me. I will give them smiles, hugs, my ear and my time.

I will be Mindful of what information I allow in and will give myself permission to walk away from negativity unless I have the power and energy to change it.

I will be Mindful of who I let in and who I don’t. I will seek out people whose energy uplifts me and gives me joy, and allow myself to respectfully, and gently walk away from those whose energy pulls me down.

I will be Mindful of how I speak to others, especially when I am stressed or anxious or feeling vulnerable or when my energy is low. I will speak to others with kindness and respect. I will give them my smile and expect nothing in return.

I will be Mindful of how I affect the people around me. I will strive to spread empathy, kindness, hope, love, joy and positivity to those who I touch with my words, actions and artwork.

I will be Mindful of the fact that being mindful is a process. I will not expect perfection. I will allow myself to fail and then encourage myself to get up and keep trying.

I will be Mindful.

I give you my smile and my virtual hug and I wish for you hope, joy and love,