Preparing for a Retreat

Relax Amid Retreat Prep copy.jpg

Enjoying the late afternoon sun and a glass of wine after a long week of preparations for my upcoming Painting Retreat on Whidbey Island, at the mouth of the Puget Sound in Washington State.

The house is cleaned from ceiling to floor, windows and screens washed inside and out (yes there are a few streaks but you can actually see out the windows now), flower pots refreshed with compost and a few new flowers tucked in for color, the lesson plans are drawn up, schedule mapped out in detail and menu planned (I’ll share later).

Tomorrow I shop and start cooking.

But tonight my feet are up, and I’m soaking in the sunshine and a light breeze that combine for a perfect 71 degrees, the birds are singing their hearts out and my cat is keeping an eye out for movement in the tall grasses. I’m content to watch him stare at the grass.