How to Thrive Despite Negativity

Do negative comments, rejections letters, bad reviews or indifference to your work make you feel like never showing your face again?

(perhaps if you look like this, you shouldn’t anyway)


Worse, are you letting the bad comments (or lack of comments) shut down your creativity?

In the video below, I share 4 practices that will help your creativity thrive no matter what people say!

You know that feeling.

You share a photo of your work on-line and receive… crickets, or perhaps 1 like, or even worse - someone cutting it down. Or, you submit your work to a juried show, or publisher, or client and receive that heart-sinking-crawl-into-yourself rejection letter.

You are not alone!

We have all been there. And it stinks, doesn’t it?

However, why is it that some folks seem to let it roll off them, not letting it affect their creativity as they continue to submit work again and again in the face of rejection?

And some of us feel like crawling under a rock and never showing our work again. And not even combing our hair or brushing our teeth (well, maybe not that drastic!)

Here’s the thing - as Creatives, our JOB is to put things out into the world that have never been seen before. And letting in the bad with the good is a fact of life.

So we are left with a choice:

  • We can shut down and stop sharing.

  • Or we can learn how to unleash our creativity no matter what people say! (I vote on this one!!!)

Click on the video below

and listen in to 4 very easy practices that I do to help me not only survive negativity, but thrive despite it! I guarantee that even if you do just one of these things, you will be less susceptible to what others say (or don’t say) about your work.

And yes, I combed my hair AND brushed my teeth for this!

The practices I discuss in the video can help lessen the impact of negativity on your creativity and make it easier to just shrug it off and move on.

However, every now and then a response is needed… Read my tips on How to Respond to That Negative Person.

Now, I’d love to hear from you!

In the comments below:

  1. Let me know if there is something you created and shared with the world - but didn’t receive the response you expected or wanted.

  2. Do any of the tips I shared, resonate with you and perhaps help you release that negativity?

  3. Are there tips you can share that might help others thrive creatively no matter what people say (or don’t say)?

Remember - YOU deserve a colorful, vibrant and creative life! And so do your friends - please share this with anyone who you think might need a boost!

All my love,