What Creative Gift Do You Give to the World?


We are hardwired to create objects of beauty

A spider outside my window is spinning a masterpiece of symmetry and intricacy, her web kissed by early morning dew and shimmering in a slight breath of cool air. She, like all of us, are creatures who grow and thrive on creating things of beauty, on holding tangible items that exist because of our own efforts. In fact, creating – whether a piece of art, a poetic letter to a friend, a beautiful dinner, a lovely home, a peaceful garden or colorful bouquet – doesn’t just feel good, but is wired deep into who we are.
When we create things of beauty with our own hands, we align with our sense of purpose, and in the process, become acutely aware of who we are, what is important, how we look at the world, and how we define what beautiful is. And joy of joy – when others are uplifted by our creation, our heart swells, our cup flows over, and our inspiration and creativity leap forward!
What creative gift do you give to this world?
What is your creative genius? Is your talent painting on a canvas, writing a story, composing a song, or weaving beads into rainbows of color? Or is it how you collect and arrange items of beauty in your home or garden to elicit a mood? Perhaps it is how you sift through recipes, tweaking here and there to present a delicious, healthful meal for yourself or your family? Maybe you haven’t yet found the medium that allows you to express the beauty inside of you, but know you will find it just around the corner.
Whatever medium calls to you, listen to her. Your creative genius isn’t just an indulgence, but is critical to a joyful, healthful life. It’s no surprise that being creative releases a rush of endorphins, and gives you a burst of pride and sense of accomplishment. It’s like a straight-shot of pure joy to your self-worth!
Take time - Don’t wait for life to hand it to you
Sadly, so many of us squelch our creativity, caught up in the rushing train of our ‘day’ jobs, of working for other people, of over-scheduling ourselves, of obsessing over finances, of serving the needs of other people who are calling the shots. We stop listening to the creative voice inside of us, we silence her with doubt and fear, we push her down waiting for a better time, one that is less busy, less complicated. We complain that we don’t have enough space, or that the space we have isn’t big enough, light enough, organized enough. We guilt ourselves into feeling that ‘taking time to create’ isn’t important.

But in denying ourselves the time and space to be creative, we deny an essential part of our soul. I believe that this is why, as a society, we feel so discontented: We are waiting for our lives to begin.
Now is the time to create
Don’t wait for the right time, or it will always be just out of reach. Instead, take time now!
Schedule time, directly into your calendar, to be in your studio, or at your kitchen table, or on your backyard step to paint, draw, write, bead, photograph, garden, make music, cook, sing – and celebrate that this is what brings richness and meaning to each day of your life.
Here is my challenge to you
1. List items of beauty that exist in this world because of you, your vision, your work, your creativity:

  • Don’t forget the items that only you can see (like your beautiful home, or the doodles in your journal, or the pot of flowers on your deck

  • Post this list on your mirror, fridge, desk or computer

  • Look at this list every day and allow yourself a very well-deserved smile and sense of joy!

2. Schedule into your calendar no less than 20 minutes EVERY SINGLE DAY to create. You will be surprised at what can come out of creating for even just a few minutes each day! It can accumulate into a photo series, a book, a colorful spot in your garden, a gallery of paintings, a recipe blog, acceptance into a national show or magazine, cutting a CD, a blossoming new creative career.

What you work on can be big or small, an expansion of what you already do, or a whole new idea you want to try, perhaps a project you want to finish, or new ones you want to start. You may prefer to create at home, or in a class, by yourself or with a friend. The only rule is to listen to the deep need inside yourself to create.
My hope is that you take time to nurture your creative voice and to celebrate the beauty you create!