Welcome to my new home!


Don’t worry, I haven’t actually moved so you won’t see any boxes or packing materials. And yes, my studio is still waiting for you on beautiful Whidbey Island (boy have I got some incredible RETREATS planned for you – more about them below)…

The new home I’m referring to is my virtual one! A brand-new website full of inspiration, stories and Colors of Joy. I’m SO excited to for you to visit me (though I have to admit, a bit nervous too) because I’ve poured my whole heart into sharing everything with you. I hope you find inspiration and beauty!

It’s been a big project and I have just emerged out of the very colorful waters of website design. It’s not 100% finished – there are some bits and pieces still left to do, some rooms not quite ready, but if I waited for everything to be perfect, then who knows when I would be able to throw open the door?
So, ta-da! My WEBSITE is now officially open and I want to welcome you to come in, wander around, and stay for a chat. Let’s pour a cup of tea or coffee or perhaps a glass of wine, and Dance with The Color of Joy!