Have you written to Santa yet?


I don’t know about you, but for me, writing a wish list for Santa is getting harder and harder every year. Other than asking for really boring stuff – like a new washer and dryer, or kitchen gadget – we have what we need, and we can go out and buy most of the things we really want (like yummy books and art supplies!).  As my kids get older it’s becoming more and more difficult to figure out something unique for them too – something they would cherish, but not something they can just go out and buy for themselves. Gone are the days of one-stop shopping at the Lego store.
This year we are focusing on Experiences
My 18 year old wants to see more of the US, so I’ve booked a trip for him during his vacation. My 21 year old is in college and doesn’t have much money, so he’s gifting me a weekend getaway together. (I’ll pay – he just needs to block out the time.) My aunt is getting a creative workshop; our oldest son and his wife a kid-free weekend at the Oregon coast … you get the picture.
And for me? – other than that washer and dryer my hubby and I are giving each other (I know, I know, very boring), I’m asking my family to contribute to a writing/photography retreat I plan to attend later in the year. I can’t think of anything more exciting than to travel to a new place and learn from artists I admire, to steep myself in color and creativity, and connect with friends I have yet to meet! I’m already looking forward to it!
In fact, instead of piles of gifts this Christmas our focus will be celebrating being together, eating yummy food, and looking forward to exciting adventures in the year to come!
How about you – What’s on your list?
p.s. Here is our secret for Christmas stocking stuffer bliss:
My hubby hates shopping, and I’m not too keen on getting lots of stuff I don’t necessarily want… So we’ve hit on a win-win Christmas stocking stuffer system: we buy little things we love for ourselves throughout the year and without opening them, tuck them away in a box that we hand over to each other before the Holidays. We then wrap each other’s gifts, slide them into our Christmas stockings and Voila! We end up with lovely little gifts we are excited to have (some we’ve even forgotten about so it’s a surprise all over again), and none of that gosh-what-do-I-do-with-this dilemma come Christmas morning!