7 Days of Gratitude: Day 2 My Mother's Kitchen

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My mother's kitchen has always been filled with delicious, creative, healthy food. Everyone who is lucky enough to be treated to one of her meals will agree that Cooking is her Super Power. In fact, my mom, grandma and aunt are all gourmet cooks who credit their cooking talents to the diverse, ethnic food they came to love from their neighbor's kitchens in their northern Alberta hometown.

I remember my mother at the kitchen table scouring recipes with the uncanny ability to immediately sniff out the good from the mediocre. Of course, the magic happened when she would blend recipes, adding and subtracting, then tweaking just-so to create a masterpiece.
Even the simplest of foods are better coming from her kitchen – just the right mix of flavors and textures and presentation. Whether it is a beef stew that melts in your mouth; salads with just the right tang; rich, dark, moist banana bread; or an over-the-top dessert that brings tears to the eyes, my mother’s recipes (when she writes them down) have become culinary treasures among her friends and family.
Though I'm not the gourmet chef my mother, aunt and grandma are, I get to reap the benefits of having their recipes at my fingertips!

P.S. You can enjoy them too! Join me for Creative Retreats on Whidbey Island! I'll be cooking up some of the same recipes I grew up with!