Hamming it up on the Radio

radio interview

I was honored, excited and humbled to be asked onto the Christine Upchurch Show on Transformation Talk Radio today. We got to talk about my favorite subject – color of course!

A synopsis of our discussion – Dancing With Color: A celebration of the beauty inside and out. Too often we move through the earth too quickly and pass over the beauty that is both inside us and surrounds us. By celebrating color we force ourselves to pay attention, to look closely, and in the process we become a part of the dance between shadow and light, between vibrant hues and muted earthy undertones.

We were recorded in the studio and I’ll post a podcast of the interview when it become available.

The photo above was taken during one of the breaks – we were singing and moving to some very Color-full music!

Update - podcast link: https://www.transformationtalkradio.com/guest/beverly-ash-gilbert,4982.html