What Colors Make Your Heart Dance?


Under a Blue Moon

Different colors speak to different people

We all have our favorites – most often based on the colors that look good on us, the colors that spark good memories, or the colors we are exposed to in our favorite surroundings. The beauty is – the colors that make your heart dance may be very different from the ones that call out to the person next to you!

And that’s what makes life colorful!

Of course, it isn’t so much a single color, but the combination of colors, that has such a powerful impact in a piece of art, or in a room. We find ourselves pulled into the depth created by shadows and light, and drawn into the tango of bright saturated colors used with earthy tones. We feel tension when colors that don’t seem to go together sit side by side and are intrigued when the resulting color palette actually works.

Just as important as the combination of colors is the proportions. For instance in my painting: ‘Under A Blue Moon’ pictured in this color palette, there is both bright saturated pink and earthy rose-pink with a heavy dose of navy swirling around and in between. Had I gone heavier with the shades of pink and just dabbed in a few bits of navy, the entire mood would be different. Would I like it as well? I don’t know – but I’m definitely willing to give it a try! (with your hand, cover the bottom half of the color palette and imagine it with just a dab of blue – what do you think?)

Have you tried playing with color proportions in your artwork or home? What happens when you mix it up a bit? One of my clients changes out the look of her home every season by switching out paintings, pillows and throws. The general color palette stays the same, but the proportions change: sometimes heavier on black, gold and navy; at other times heavier on cream, forest green and rust. The result is a refreshing, seasonal change that brings her joy!

I hope you dance with the colors that make you happy… and are inspired to play with proportions!

Happy dancing under a blue moon,