Felter’s Rendezvous

Stella playing pan flute

A wonderful time at The Felter’s Rendezvous – high up in the Rockies, surrounded by snow covered peaks, herds of deer and elk, and creative, colorful women!

Some memorable moments:

  • Eating lunch outside in the sunshine then 2 hours later being treated to a howling snow storm

  • Stella singing and playing pan flute

  • Watching students pull colors together from Outback’s Color Palette then use new colors for their Dread Neck necklaces and Purses

  • Finding a Now and Zen alarm clock nestled into my jackets

  • Hiking up into the hills

  • Carolyn’s flared sleeves

  • All of the glorious purple jackets

  • Watching the sunrise from my cabin

  • All the lovely women who shuttled me to and from

  • Pat’s rendition of ‘America the Beautiful’

  • Finding out Amelia and my ancestors came from the same area of the Ukraine

  • Hand painted silks from Naomi that echo the colors of my books