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Gallery of Color

So much color to share with you!


I'm stirring up lots of color for you!

No medium is off limits in my colorful world! My hands and heart long to dive in and start creating no matter the medium. Whether it's paint, beads, photography or fiber art, it's about the nuances of color, light and shadow. I draw inspiration from nature and simple vignettes of everyday life and find joy in adding unexpected bits of color here and there. I hope you enjoy the results!


Gallery of Paintings


Painting Collections

Acrylic paintings full of color and depth, each one dancing with multiple layers of color and texture and movement. 


Gallery of Fiber Art



Fiber Art

Discover the beautifully textured art of Nuno Felt - a soft, lightweight blend of silk and the finest of Merino Wool.


Gallery of Beadwork


Gallery of Inspirational Quotes