Warm Earthtone Color Wheel Set

Warm Earthtone Color Wheel Set


Warm Earthtone Color Wheels: Expanded Palettes for your Eye For Color System

NOTE: This color wheel set is intended as an add-on for the Eye For Color System.

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Journey beyond the original Eye For Color (see EFC book description) palettes of pure color into a world of exotic and timeless hues that add nuance and richness to everything around you. From a sierra ochre to a spicy paprika, or a cool muslin to a dusky denim, a spin around each wheel evokes the warm or cool colors you live with... stone and wood, flora and fauna, fibers and spice, water and sky.

Warm Earthtone Color Wheel Set

Explore the transition from a deep, cozy mustard in your entry hall, to a soft, sun-drenched terracotta in the kitchen. Visualize how a woodsy cabernet velvet brings a bit more spice to your fruitwood floors. You'll see it in the Warm Earthtone Color Wheel set!

Set includes:

  • 2 Color Wheels, 1 warm dark and 1 warm light

  • 24 color families

  • Large 8" wheels

  • Snap into the Original Eye For Color system of templates


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