Eye For Color Original System (2 Color Wheels)

Eye For Color Original System (2 Color Wheels)


Eye For Color: Interchangeable Templates and Color Wheel System

Look at color in a whole new way with the Original Eye For Color system. Bring life into any color palette by seeing what combinations are possible. Color harmony templates and color wheels snap together to isolate combinations for you! Your Eye For Color pocket folder is a must in the studio, and easy to take along when you shop for materials for your next creative project. Now, creating gorgeous, flowing, color combinations is a snap!


2 Color Wheels with 24 saturated and tinted color families

6 templates with 9 defined color harmonies

Innovative snap-together system

Convenient travel pocket folder

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No matter your expertise, the Eye For Color system will help you explore new color combinations and enhance those you already know and love. This easy-to-use tool allows you to isolate color relationships with two beautiful color wheels and six snap-together interchangeable templates. Use these tools to visualize a wide range of tones that blend beautifully together, and isolate the accents that will jazz up your palette. Get inspired by the gorgeous color vignettes inside, then apply these color combinations to your own projects. Eye For Color makes a great home and studio companion for bead artists, home decorators, interior designers, gardeners and anyone who enjoys working with color! The Eye For Color system is a tool you will use over and over again to develop and enhance your own... Eye For Color

Book contains:

  • 2 color wheels with 24 saturated and pastel color families

  • Each color family shown in 6 different tints and shades for a total of 144 distinct colors

  • 6 templates with 9 color harmonies

  • 12 pages of colorful inspirations

  • Innovative snap-together system

  • Large 8" wheels and templates

  • Convenient travel pocket folder

Add to your Eye For Color System! Expand your colorful possibilities with additional Eye For Color color wheel sets in Warm Earthtones and Cool Earthtones. Both earthtone sets are included in the Family edition (best deal), or each set is available separately.


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