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My Team


I couldn't do it alone

I used to do it all on my own - shipping, marketing, accounting, setting up shows, building a website, writing books, washing windows, cooking all the food for retreats... oh and heading into my studio to create every now and then too! That's what being a solopreneur is all about and I have to say - each bit has been a wonderful learning experience. However as my business has grown, I found myself becoming more and more overwhelmed - you know that deep way-over-your-head feeling that leaves you unable to accomplish anything? I found myself flitting back and forth doing everything half way and nothing well. And the worst part is I felt guilty every time I slipped into my studio to create - how crazy is that?!

It finally dawned on me that I needed some help. So I sent out my wishes to the universe - and wow did she answer! As soon as I reached out, the most amazing, wonderful, talented and colorful people came forward! I am thrilled to introduce you to my team...


Joie Moring

Creative Direction, Marketing Communications and Brand Development

Joie dives deep into the connection between people and products and has the talent to bring them together through visual design and authentic messaging. Her gift for storytelling and helping others find their authentic voice makes building a brand seamless, easy, fun. Most importantly her eye for color and design, deep soul and delightful sense of humor helps pull the best out of everyone.

Joie is the Eye behind my Eye for color and design, the graphic design diva who made my first book: Eye For Color possible. She is a never ending source of inspiration to all of us who are lucky enough to cross her path and as ideas dance between us she is a beacon of light along my creative journey.

Rita Stern Izhaky

Marketing Outreach and Event Manager

Rita is truly as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out! She glows with energy, enthusiasm and warmth and is the lovely voice for my artwork whether finding venues to hang my paintings, or helping me set up retreats. She is who I call on when I'm feeling overwhelmed and whose voice you will be hearing from more and more. Oh, the cups of tea we've poured and the bottles of wine we've shared!

More of my colorful team


Diane Ahern

Photography By Diane Ahern

Diane weaves magic through the lens of her camera – her joyful approach gently drawing out the essence of each person she photographs. I asked her to come into my garden to take photos of me and my team and she not only captured the sparkle in our eyes and glow of our smiles, she encouraged us to dance, laugh, and let our true colors shine!

She excels at collaboration, bringing her artistic eye to the project whether it is for individuals, small businesses (like mine!), or bigger events. Diane's love of working with people, coupled with her gift for showing us in the best light, enabled her to capture the feeling and message I wanted for my website, while highlighting the beauty, warmth and camaraderie of my lovely team.

Jerry Gilbert

My Husband

The man behind my art, my business, my home and my garden! He built our home with his own hands as well as the hardscape of our garden. Though I plunk in flowers and bits, he is the one that keeps it beautiful and a never ending source of color inspiration and edible delights.


Kelly Rae Roberts

The Radiate Session

Sharing her brilliance for creating a soulful and sustainable business, along with her deep understanding of the human psyche, Kelly Rae illuminated my path into the real purpose of what I can bring to you. She gently guided me right to the soul of my business so I could emerge full of inspiration, energy and clear direction.


Brandon Gilbert

Videographer (and my amazing son!)

With a refined eye for color and staging, coupled with kindness, patience and humor, Brandon helped me navigate into the world of video. His expertise shines from production through editing.


Tonia Jenny

Editorial Services

I placed my book in loving hands...

"I listen, I read, I ponder and I tidy up. And when I'm done with another's words they are no less in their own voice, yet are stronger and more poignant. I've had a lot of practice as I worked for an esteemed publisher for over a decade and have helped hundreds of books (and authors) come to fruition (and express what was longed to be shared)." - Tonia