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Laurie Anna Kaplan

Business Coach

Every now and then I wander off my center, lose focus and get mired in day to day tasks losing sight of the bigger purpose. And of course businesses change and grow and it's easy to have too many paths to follow. Laurie Anna is there to help me realign my compass, zero in on what path makes sense. And help me design the steps I need to take to dance along it.

Diane Ahern


Diane has a gift for illuminating the Beautiful Essence inside each person. Capturing the light in a person's eye, a giggle simmering under the surface, she reaches into the soul with her camera.

A decade ago I was worried about my wrinkles and she told me that they were simply beautiful stories of laughter and connection. Oh boy, I sure have a lot more wrinkles now - guess there's lots of stories!

The Boys



Color Intensives


Focus on Composition

Focus on Mindfulness