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From future on-line workshops to shipping, I have compiled the following answers to my most frequently asked questions. I hope my answers resolve your burning question. However, if not, please contact us at:



How frequently do you hold your retreats on Whidbey Island?

I hold anywhere between 2 and 4 Retreats a year depending on what other major projects I have going on. As you can imagine, setting up, planning and running each retreat takes an enormous amount of time, so I hold them when I have chunks of time to devote to creating a beautiful, memorable experience for my students.

When are new retreats announced?

I will first announce new retreats to my mailing list in my newsletter. (Sign up at the bottom of this page). After that, I will announce on social media.

Where are you located on Whidbey Island?

For privacy purposes I don't give out my physical address online. Details and my island address will be sent to participants upon registration.

I have a group of friends who would like to set up a Private Retreat with you. How do I do this?

I absolutely LOVE having groups of friends, co-workers and families come together to bond and create in my studio. If you have a group of 6 or more, then we can create a special retreat just for you. If your group is less than this, no problem – we can create your special retreat, then open the doors to additional people. To chat about your ideas, simply email Team Beverly:

Where can I stay during your retreat? And do I need my own transportation?

There are numerous Airbnbs, hotels, B&Bs and even campgrounds close to my home in a wide range of prices. House rentals are especially reasonably priced for groups. Arrangements for room or house shares can be made between participants via a private Facebook group.

Transportation to and from will be on your own. However, ride shares can be coordinated through a private Facebook group ahead of time. Getting to the island is easy from SeaTac airport via the Whidbey Island Shuttle. And, free transit buses travel up and down the island on weekdays.

I have some food allergies, what will I be able to eat?

I take all food allergies, sensitivities and dietary restrictions very seriously (my own family is riddled with them). One month prior to the retreat you sign up for, I'll ask you to send me any dietary restrictions and I will plan my menu accordingly. In some cases, I will prepare separate items for you to eat. All food is created by me from scratch. I'll make available a list of all ingredients for you to look over and verify that you can safely and joyfully eat!

I only eat certain foods, may I bring my own?

I'm sorry, but because of some very severe allergies in my family, I cannot allow ANY outside food or drink. That said, please let me know your dietary preferences and I will take them into account during my menu preparation. Rest assured, there will be more than enough for you to eat!

Do I need to be present for the entire retreat? What if I'm late?

Yes, it is important that all students are present for the entire retreat including all of the demos, instructions and discussions. The techniques we cover build upon one another in a cumulative fashion.

Retreat schedules are set up prior to registration so that you have a chance to verify that you will be able to attend the entire retreat before you sign up. Please allow extra time in the morning to make sure you arrive before the retreat starts each day, most of the important information is given first thing.

Can I come early to get set up?

Absolutely! In fact I encourage you to come an hour early to set up, and if you like, you can grab a to-go mug of coffee or tea and head out for a beach walk!

How does the waitlist work?

My retreats tend to fill up quickly, but I will always maintain a waiting list. If a spot opens up, it will go to the first person on the waitlist that responds to a notification email and confirms registration.

Do I need any experience to participate in a retreat?

Nearly all of my retreats are open to all levels, so whether you are an experienced artisan or have never touched art before in your life, no problem! My retreats are intentionally small and I can teach to many different levels within a class. Some sessions may have a Pre-requisite, which I indicate in the Retreat description.

Do I need my own supplies?

A detailed supply list will be sent out 4-6 weeks prior to the start of the retreat. However, you will have the option of bringing your own or purchasing supplies during class, so I have you covered if you are flying in !

What is your cancellation policy?

There are no refunds for my retreats unless I am able to fill your spot. A $100 cancellation fee will apply if I am able to fill your spot.

Are Retreats ever cancelled?

Unfortunately a retreat can be cancelled. I require a minimum number of students in order to make it financially viable for me to hold the retreat. If the minimum number is not achieved 4 weeks in advance of the start of the retreat, it will be cancelled. You will be informed on that date and your registration will be refunded in full.

OnLine Teaching

Do you offer any online courses?

I am working hard to start offering some! My goal is to release a photography course in 2019 and create many more online workshops for 2020! Stay tuned and definitely sign up for my newsletter to find out when my online classrooms will open!

Will you offer Color workshops online?

Absolutely! Teaching about color is near and dear to my heart. I can't wait to be able to share what I know with people from around the world who have been asking me for online color workshops! My goal is to have them ready in 2020.

When will you teach Nuno Felting online?

I'm not quite sure yet, but an online Nuno Felting course is definitely on my list! You'll be in the know via my newsletter.


What is the difference between your Workshops and Retreats?

My Workshops are single- or multi-day classes in rented classrooms. They include a full day of instruction plus a handout.

My Retreats are so much more! I open my studio on the beautiful island of Whidbey (Washington State), and not only provide you with personal instruction and handouts, but serve you gourmet food from my mother's recipes, wine and hors d'oeuvres out on the deck. Time for beach walks, mindfulness exercises, even a massage chair.

Do you travel to teach workshops?

Yes, I am open to traveling for workshops a couple of times a year. Please contact Team Beverly with your workshop and scheduling ideas:

There are some projects in your books that I don't see offered as a workshop. Are these available as workshops?

Send me your ideas and let's talk! In many cases, we can pull together a series of projects for a special workshop.

Do you provide supplies or tools for workshops?

Not any more. I found it too costly and physically exhausting to lug all supplies and tools into the classroom for all students. I now provide a list of what's needed and require each student to provide their own materials and tools.

When and where will you be teaching your next workshop?

You can follow my schedule on my website and sign up for my newsletter to be the first to find out.

Can I sell a piece of art I created using the techniques from your book, workshop, retreat or other teaching venue?

Yes, you may sell the work you create using the techniques you learned from me. I would appreciate you giving me credit for teaching you the techniques and for passing my name along to others who might be interested in learning!

May I share or teach a lesson from your book, workshop, retreat or instruction handout to other people?

No, my books, printed instructions, workshop and retreat lessons are copyrighted and the unethical sharing of my work with others deeply hurts my business. Please respect that I try to share everything I know in my lessons, and have poured years of work into creating the designs, the lessons, the special tips and putting into words how I work with color, etc. If you know others who are interested in learning from me, please send them a link to my website!


Where can I buy your original paintings?

I sell my originals online through my website, here. And, in person at various venues. Here is a current list of where you can see my paintings in person.

I would love to commission a Beverly Ash Gilbert original. Will you paint something for me?

I'm honored, however, I am not currently accepting commission work. At this point, I am painting what is in my heart and I hope that one of my pieces will call out to your heart!

Do you do Live Event Painting?

Yes, this is a new arena for me and I am open to your ideas. Please contact Team Beverly with your Live Event Painting proposal:

Do you illustrate books or design book covers?

I don't do illustration+design projects. That said, if you are interested in licensing one of my completed paintings or photography images for your book, please contact Team Beverly with your ideas:

Can I use your image on my website, social media banner, newsletter or conference materials?

All of my work is copyrighted and cannot be used without written approval from me, including a licensing agreement and licensing fee. I am also very selective as to the venues that I license with, but am open to proposals.

Contact Team Beverly if you have a licensing proposal:

Are you available for licensing?

Yes! Contact Team Beverly with your ideas:

Will you donate to my benefit or fundraiser and/or help me spread the word about it?

Unfortunately, it isn't possible for me to donate to everyone who reaches out. I privately donate to causes close to my heart.


I've seen your product photography work. Can I schedule a photoshoot for my company?

I am no longer accepting new clients for staging or photoshoots.

I love your photos... what equipment do you use?

For snapshots I use my iPhone X. However, most of my high-quality work, product shots and photos of original paintings, fiber art and jewelry are taken with one of my Canon XLR cameras. I have a 5D Mark III for studio work and a lighter 'travel' Rebel. I also have multiple lenses... and definite favorites for various situations. I will be sharing all of my equipment details, including photo tips, techniques and oh so much more, in an upcoming eCourse. Stay tuned and sign up for my newsletter to find out when and where!

Can you share one piece of advise for taking good cell phone shots?

Cell phone cameras are pretty darn smart, but just because they can produce a good photo doesn't mean it is a creatively exciting photo. To create excitement, pay close attention to the light. The angle, color and intensity of light is probably the most important variable I consider when composing my shot. For faces, make sure your subject is more lit than the background, preferably in indirect light. Reflected light from a bright wall is fabulous, as is a bit of cloud cover. If you are photographing a flower or leaf, observing it with the light from different angles – shining on top of or through a leaf – can make a significant difference in the creativity of your photo. I could go on and on and I am excited to do so in my upcoming photography workshops!

Orders and Shipping

Do you offer Wholesale discounts?

Yes I do! Please ask for my wholesale pricing structure for brick and mortar and online businesses:

I am a Fiber Arts Guild Member. A number of Guild members would like to order books. Do you offer any discounts?

I absolutely support Guilds, teaching institutions and non-profits and offer bulk-order discounts to your members / students. You will also save on shipping costs!

I teach art classes and am interested in using your book for my class. Do you offer any special deals?

Yes! I extend my bulk-order discount to all classrooms.

I see that your US shipping costs are $10 whether I buy an original painting or a single greeting card. Is this right?

For US deliveries - yes! Obviously $10 for a painting is a great deal for you, but $10 for a greeting card isn't. However, you can fill up your cart with as many items as you wish and the shipment will remain $10!

Here is why I have made the change. After years of fulfilling orders through my website and Etsy, I found that the shipping calculations / miscalculations were causing a headache for me and for my customers. By charging a flat rate, I can save time and pass the cost savings on to you! 

Do you accept International Orders?

I do accept International Orders through my Etsy Shop! However, I cannot process International orders through my website shop because there is no way to accurately calculate shipping charges to your country and still maintain a lower priced flat rate within the US. 

Do you offer expedited shipping?

I am an intentionally small business (no Amazon shipping team over here!). To keep costs down for all customers, and to be able to offer a flat rate shipping for all orders, I have to minimize my handling time. So Rita and I gather together all orders and typically ship once a week. Rest assured, our shipper is super efficient and you will get your order in time!

However, if you require expedited shipping, then send us an email: Please note that the handling fee for expedited shipping is $20 on top of the shipping cost option you would like.

How do you ship items?

All orders are shipped via USPS: Priority (media mail for books). Original paintings are shipped via Priority Mail with insurance and delivery confirmation.

Do you accept returns?

We want you to be happy with your purchase. Although we cannot offer refunds, we’ll be happy to offer an exchange. Please email us within three days of receiving your order at to discuss the details. Please note that we are not responsible for shipping fees on exchanged items.