By the Light of the Moon


I'm a morning person and love nothing better than waking up while the moon’s still up, wrapping my hands around a mug of coffee (Mukilteo Roaster’s ‘Happy Hippie’ thank you very much) and launching into my day.
I woke up early this morning to the full moon streaking across my pillow. She is sitting low in the sky flirting through the tree branches and casting a halo of light around the few leaves that have thus far resisted the lure of the autumn breeze. My hubby is already out the door on his morning bike ride, and though I’m not normally up as early as he is, I love it when I am.
Pulled by the moon
Growing up overlooking a stretch of Puget Sound, we would watch her glow across the water, Mom calling us to the big picture windows in our living room ‘Wow, look at the moon tonight!’; ‘Did you seen the moon on the water?’ as if we hadn’t seen her countless times before. But she is like that, a bigger-than-life presence commanding our attention in the night sky. Of course now it’s me, calling to my family, to come look. The fact that she changes each night adds to her mystique, her scant slipper-dress just as spectacular as her full ball-gown. And oh the tides. I don’t need tables to tell me when the tides will be low, I just follow the moon.
Of course as women, we are pulled by the moon and the fact isn’t lost on us that she marches to her own 28 day cycle, independent of man’s control over the calendar and his petty fights over whether one month should have more or less days than another.

Her real strength is so much more
Despite her imperfect, pocked-marked surface, she radiates beauty, shining her soft light into the darkest corners. You see, her real beauty and strength lie in her ability to reflect the light of others - just as women and mothers have done in all societies, throughout time.

Many of my paintings feature the moon and folks often ask me about it’s significance. To be honest, when the moon first started showing up in my work, I didn’t consciously think about it. She just needed to be there, and bigger than life of course, because she's always been a part of who I am, intricately woven into my childhood memories of water, the tides, and my own cycle of life. And as I get older, I have come to appreciate her unconditional ability to reflect light despite her age, and imperfections, and many phases.

It’s time to start my day…
The moon has set, the sky has brightened into a lovely pre-dawn pinky-peach and the sun is about to peek over the horizon. My hubby is back from his bike ride and my mug of coffee is empty. The moon's march across the sky is hidden to me now, but I'll watch for her again tonight and once again marvel at her imperfectly perfect beauty.

Let's raise our arms and dance by the light of the moon!