7 Days of Gratitude: Day 7 Choosing Laughter


If you are offended by, grossed out by, or in any other way turned off by talking about the effects of beans on the digestive system then you might want to skip this bit.
However, if you are like I am, and share a healthy respect for the same sorts of humor that adolescent boys enjoy, then read on my friend!
Years ago, I had a business conference in Portland OR and my sister-in-law offered to put me up and drive me to and from the conference each day. So, I hopped on a train with a cooler stuffed full of all sorts of home-made goodies and off I went.
That first night, her husband was out with friends, so she and I decided to make margaritas and dig into the black bean dip that I had brought (Wicked Bean and Tomato Dip recipe below). I’m not sure at what point the bit of dip we intended as an appetizer became our entire dinner, but gosh darn, the stuff is delicious! So we poured more margaritas and proceeded to work our way through the dip.
I’d like you to imagine, if you will: 2 girls, 3 cans of black beans, a healthy dose of garlic, oh and of course, margaritas…
We ended up sitting on the floor in the kitchen, drinking, eating, laughing and well – doing what 3 cans of consumed beans will do.
Sometime much later in the evening, my Brother-in-law came home to find his wife and sister-in-law on the kitchen floor, tipsy from margaritas, elbow deep in bean dip, gabbing and giggling. He walked into the kitchen with a great big hello and his arms open to give me a hug. Then, almost immediately, his face contorted, his arms flailed in a desperate attempt to cover his nose, and offering up a few choice words he backed out of the room and fled.
Of course, being mature, sophisticated women, we responded by rolling on the ground laughing hysterically until we, well – you know – girls, laughing, margaritas… you get the picture.
Now, 25 years later, my sister-and-law and I still get the giggles thinking of that night. And it might be my imagination, but I think my brother-in-law hesitates and sniffs the air slightly now before welcoming me into his arms.
Here is the thing – if we would have felt embarrassed about ‘releasing the pressure’ so to speak, we would have spent the entire evening in the bathroom, feeling uncomfortable and awkward. And that night would have faded into oblivion. Instead, by choosing laughter, the evening stands out as a fabulous memory and still brings us joy 25 years later!
Because, of course, one of the best feelings in the world is to laugh with another person – that deep-in-your-gut belly laugh, the kind that leaves you unable to catch your breath or curb the flow of tears. What a relief to be so comfortable with someone else that natural bodily functions are funny, rather than embarrassing. How freeing to be able to laugh at yourself in front of another person who loves you flaws, hiccups and all.
No matter what happens in life, we have the choice as to how we react. And I prefer laughter, how about you?

I Am Grateful for:

  • Friends who I can be myself around

  • People who find humor in everyday life

  • That I can laugh at myself

  • Friends who can laugh at themselves

  • Beano*

  • All of the kindness, stories and photos you have shared with me

*Speaking of Beano – I suggest you buy a bottle of the stuff before making this fabulous recipe from My Mother’s Kitchen!