Beverly Ash Gilbert
Author - Artist - Color Consultant
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Gallery of Paintings
Celebrating Women

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SOLD It Takes a Village 1
By the Pond
Golden Moon
SOLD Under a Blue Moon
'Moonlight Serenade' (28"x31" Framed)
Morning Touches the Tree SOLD
'Moon Dance' 22"x28" (Sold: Prints and Cards available)
'Ballroom Dancer' 22"x18" Framed (sold)
'Jacquelina' (Sold - prints and cards available)
Ballerina - 2nd Position SOLD
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SOLD Copper Sky
SOLD Water Lily
The Magician (Donated to KAC ArtBeat Auction)
SOLD Touching the Sun
Sunday Hats
'Dance Under the Willows'
Summer Solstice Dance SOLD
'She Hangs Lanterns in the Night Sky' Cover Art for Amy MacLennan's book: The Body A Tree (Sold: Prints and Cards Available)
'A Stroll in the Garden' 24"x30" (Sold: Prints and Cards Available)
Water Gatherers' SOLD
'A Season to Dance' (24"x18") SOLD
SOLD It Takes a Village 2
'Shall We Dance' (40"x30")
Dance with the Breeze
She Paints the Trees at Night SOLD
'Dancing in a Lavender Field' 12"x12"
'Picking Apples' 16"x20" (Sold: Prints and Cards Available)
Ballerina - 4th Position (Sold)
'Ballerina - 5th Position' (Sold)
Ballerina - 3rd Position (Sold)